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a slice of new york history

Since 1945, Windsor Pharmacy has been a full service neighborhood pharmacy with a wide range of beauty, vitamin and healthcare products.

Family owned and operated, we've been a staple in this New York community we also call home, for more years than most of our competitors have been open. Does this give us an advantage and birds-eye view when it comes to product selection, competitive pricing and inventory control? You bet it does!

Our relationships across the many touch points that get products into your hands are cemented; from manufacturers, distributors and suppliers to packers, shippers and assorted transport companies. We know the supply chain very well and we bring that archive of knowledge into the store each day, which means we can - very confidently - help you find exactly what you're looking for!

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our commitment: service first

When was the last time you walked into a store and they cared about you? Really cared? It seems a bit old-fashioned with today, everything moving towards complete automation. We believe progress is great as long as the 'best things' aren't sacrificed along the way. And we also believe good service is one of the 'best things' which is why Windsor Pharmacy is a "Service First" organization.

Across the generations and the family members who've worked in the store, through the team members we currently employ, we strive to treat each customer with courtesy, dignity, and efficiency! In short, we listen. That's how we've lasted while other stores have gone hands-off, big box generic, or out of business. This principle applies, not only to the human element, but to product selection. We stock our shelves and keep the inventory on hand that you need and request. And if something is not on premises, you can be sure we'll bend over backwards to get it to you as soon as humanly possible! That's just how we roll!!


we can get it for you!

Windsor International sources hard-to-locate items, then seamlessly delivers or ships them to clients across the world.

Although we specialize in medical durable goods, we find luxury items and services of almost every kind and offer white-glove handling from your point of contact across all supplier and shipper logistics to maintain integrity both domestically as well as abroad.

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